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Search Engine Reputation Management

Have you ever performed an online search and found disparaging search results about your organization or yourself? 

Truths mixed with rumors, and rumors mixed with lies? It happens all too often these days.  The Internet has disintermediated business.  And in this new millennium, the Internet has created cult status for certain citizen journalists called bloggers. The power of the pen is no longer only in the hands of the fourth estate. The challenge for newsworthy companies and individuals is to reduce the influence of rogue posts, and to contain potentially lethal viral internet innuendos.  A single negative search result can be unappreciated but often put into perspective by search users.  It’s a different story when multiple derogatory references fill the first and subsequent pages of search results.

For companies, forums, chat rooms, bloggers and social networks prove to be fertile ground for discontent. And while these digital communication paths will continue to provide a medium for peoples thoughts, it can be very damaging if these types of communications find their way to the top of search listings.

For individuals, it can be a personal adversary speaking out or maybe a decade-old transgression… a false white-collar felony accusation or an unfortunate picture from your college days.  Quickly and effectively rendering negative listings mute demands a comprehensive plan of attack and expert execution.

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) consists of formulating and executing strategies that preserve your reputation or brand on search engine results pages.  For companies, controlling your online reputation protects your interests and guards your market positioning.  For individuals, affecting search results can protect personal, family and business relationships. It is vital that your reputation and brand management activities carry through to the online world.

The objective is to control the aspects of your reputation that find their way to the top of the search results.  Our expertise will combat rogue search listings and help prevent them from harming your or your organization’s reputation.  While nobody is able to “flip a switch” and instantly remove undesirable search result listings, our know-how will help you achieve success by marginalizing such instances, and over time methodically turn negative results into non-factors.