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Our Services

We offer a complete portfolio of search marketing services that can be customized to meet your unique needs, including:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an integral part of acquiring visitors and customers, and is becoming even more important as companies ramp up their SEO initiatives. SEO is important – 85% of consumers looking for goods and services start their search using a search engine.

Paid Search Advertising

PPC and paid search is an important part of your marketing efforts because it is perhaps the most targeted type of advertising.  Unlike other mediums, PPC and paid search have a captured and already qualified/built-in audience who are specifically looking for your products and services.  Your advertising dollars are only spent specifically when traffic is targeted to your website.

Search Reputation Management

Imagine performing a search and seeing disparaging comments about your business, products, or services on the first page of Google.  Potential customers can be turned towards your competitors by a single search result, which until now has largely been out of your control.  (Examples: George Bush, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter miserable failure; Uhaul).SE Jones’s approach to reputation management integrates your overall brand management efforts into the search and online world.  While nobody is able to “flip a switch” and instantly remove an undesirable search result listing, our expertise can help you drastically minimize such instances and methodically over time turn negative results essentially into non-factors for your business.

Web Analytics & Conversion Enhancement

Driving traffic and getting ranked high in search is important, but does it really matter if your organization is ranked first in google but nobody clicks on your listing?  Does it matter that a customer clicks on your listing if they do not convert or make a purchase? SE Jones’s Conversion Enhancement Services analyzes your conversions (or lack thereof), offers suggestions, and can implement strategies and tactics to improve your conversion rate.

SEO Training

Our search marketing training seminars teach time tested and proven processes that lay out, step by step, what it takes to achieve meaningful search engine rankings and increase your qualified traffic to your website. The training approach consists of discussions about search user behavior, and all of the important steps needed to give you the foundation you need to methodically and effectively improve your search rankings and increase your traffic.