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Email Marketing

Every time you send an email blast, you should ask yourself this:

“What about this email will be so compelling that the recipient will open my next email too?”

If you are like most people, your inbox receives emailed newletters and promotions every day that never, ever get opened.  We signed up for these emails.  At one point we wanted to get messages from these firms.  But over time we become distracted or displeased and now couldn’t be bothered.

Across all components of online marketing, research always points to email marketing as proving the best ROI.  It should be a critically important part of every online marketing initiative.  Why? Because it’s easiest to sell to an existing, happy customer.

Effective email marketing develops your brand, creates strong bonds with your customers, increases sales and conversions, and reduces your costs.  SE Jones’ email marketing service helps our clients create and execute successful email marketing initiatives.  We can help polish your existing email initiative, or grow a email campaign strategy from the ground up: Who to target and how to write and design your email copy to create long term relationships with your customers.

For over ten years SE Jones has been an expert in search and online marketing working with small mom & pop shops to “A” list companies such as CBS, MasterCard, The Weather Channel, and PGA Tour Stop.  We hold extensive experience in all facets of online marketing and have vast knowledge of email marketing and associated best practices that will improve the success of your email marketing campaigns.

SE Jones attacks email marketing from the recipient’s perspective.  Email campaigns should be formulated to build your brand equity, not spend your brand equity.