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Search Engine Optimization

SEO means a lot of different things to different people. We define SEO as steps taken to maximize the buoyancy of your listings on the left side of the search engine results page. These listing are often referred to as natural or free listings, or organic search results.

There is a TON of information on the web about search engine optimization… 99% of it antiquated or just plain wrong.  The successes we orchestrate for our clients are based on our proven methodology honed over the past decade. These processes focus on the three eternal truths of SEO (very easy to articulate but much more difficult and nuanced to successfully execute):

  1. Keywords and content – finding the keywords your target market enters into the search box, and then providing content that supports these keywords in a way that seems natural to readers and satisfies the peculiarities of the search engines. Keywords and content means your site fluently speaks the language of your target market.
  2. Overall site architecture and page coding – This is what most people think SEO is. But winning the SEO game goes WAY beyond stuffing keywords into a page’s meta tags.  It means systematically making sure that your website is acknowledged by the search engines,  that every page on your site is reviewed by the search engines, and that the search engines can easily determine what each page is about. Correct site architecture and page coding means your website speaks the language of, and is easily understood by, the search engines.
  3. External linking strategies and internal linking tactics – Any successful SEO project must focus on maximizing the number of quality websites (in your industry, location, or genre) linking to our website. Every website that points your way is like a vote of confidence, or a citation of approval towards your website.  Once these votes (or SEO love) have been given, it is important to focus/redirect  this attention to the important pages on your site.  This can be accomplished via the internal linking tactics of your site. Influencing hyperlinks is essentially speaking the language of the world wide web.