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Web Analytics

Google Analytics Certification

Web Analytics software and tools provide businesses with critical data concerning their online activity. Believe us, there is no shortage of data and information. The challenge is in the sound analysis of the data derived from such web analytics tools and turning it into actionable strategies and tactics.  As a leader in search and online marketing, SE Jones has the tools, the experience and the expertise to successfully collect, interpret and analyze the data, and then implement changes that can help raise page views, drive quality traffic, increase sales and revenue, reduce  costs, increase return on investment, and help your organization gain competitive advantages.

Whether tracking customer and website visitor demographics, measuring conversion rates and return on investment, or analyzing customer behavior dynamics, SE Jones’ approach to web analytics is characterized by a comprehensive approach that relies on leveraging our years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and state of the art web analytics software packages. We don’t rely on one analytics package, or one data set; rather we strive to string together the big picture of what is happening with your search and online marketing efforts through this multi-faceted approach. Our analytics services are integrated throughout all of your search and online marketing campaigns, whether organic search, paid search, pay per click advertising, email campaigns, or directory referrals, we can track and effectively analyze your performance across campaigns and marketing channels.

With over ten years of search and online marketing experience, SE Jones has a proven track record of success and years of expertise. We are confident we can address your web analytics needs to help your organization achieve success and reap the benefits of your online marketing programs. We invite you to please contact SE Jones to learn how our analytics expertise can help your organization achieve greater success in the online world.

Vendor Neutral

While we have preference for certain analytics best practices, we\'ve worked with nearly all commercially available applications utilizing both log file and javascript methods. If you are currently using an analytics platform, it\'s likely we can help you get access to actionable data. If you are currently considering an analytics package, we can help with recommendations. We have certifications and own licenses to several legacy packages including ClickTracks. We are also constantly increasing our knowledge of analytics 2.0 techniques and technologies. We have professional analysts on staff who have qualified their expertise through Google Analytics and have access to all the latest beta features.

Google Analytics Focus

As discussed, while we will help with any Analytics package, we offer our widest range of analytics services to customers who use Google Analytics. In fact, many of our client engagements begin with Google Analytics services as a stand alone project.

Conversion Enhancement

Conversions are the ultimate goal in search and online marketing.  A conversion can be a specific page view, a newsletter sign up, an opt-in or an online purchase. Depending on your business objectives, it can really be any definable action you want your online visitors to do while they are on your site. Conversions matter most.  After all, increased web traffic doesn’t mean much if visitors don’t take any action. Does it matter that a customer clicks on your listing if they do not convert or make a purchase?

Maximizing conversion opportunities can have a significant impact on your bottom line and market position.  SE Jones’ Conversion Enhancement Service analyzes your conversion goals, conversion rates, and actual conversions (or lack thereof) to gain insight into your customer’s behavior and how they interact with your website.  This analysis allows for appropriate recommendations as we help your organization implement tactics and strategies that improve your conversion rates.  Maximizing the opportunities for conversions and conversion rates is a key effort in increasing your sales, revenues, and customers, decreasing your costs, and gaining advantage over your competitors.

Google Analytics Certification