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Search Marketing Firm - Boston MA

About Search Engine Jones

SE Jones is Boston, MA based and works with organizations on international search marketing, display advertising, online reputation & brand protection,  user experience & conversion enhancement and web analyitics.  We tailor our efforts by region/country/language.

Our current engagements include campaigns across every continent (save Antartica) in 40+  languages.

The principals of SE Jones have been involved in the industry since the commercial birth of the Internet, and have helped small/medium and Fortune 100 clients achieve success in their online and search marketing initiatives.

Craig Homenko
Chief & Difference Maker !

For more than a decade and a half, Craig has been involved in online and search marketing, literally since the commercial birth of the Internet. Applying his diverse industry and geographical experience, Craig leads SE Jones's efforts to quantumly change our clients' success online. His goal for SE Jones? To make it the best SEO firm in the land. Over the last ten years Craig developed the SEO Winning Process™ - a proprietary, step-by-step approach to successful search engine optimization. He continues to use the SEO Winning Process™ to systematically improve the rankings of his consulting clients, and also teaches the process to attendees of the SEO Black Belt Seminars. Craig has an unbridled passion for all search engine-related topics. One little know fact, Craig owns the world record for holding his breath... but his wife will still not let him buy and fly an ultralite plane. The smiles of his daughters Julia and Ania keep the day's business in perspective.

Shivprasad Ajgaonkar
Chief Mad Scientist

Shiv develops our world class search marketing toys (I mean tools).  Crawlers, competitive analysis robots, ungodly advanced bid managment algorithms, Shiv is SE Jone's very own creator of life. Our favorite Shivism? 'Guys, check this out.'  From widgets to CSS, web 2.0 to databases, CMS to RSS/Atom... (did we mention search tools development?)... he makes it happen... in a big way. Shiv leads our development team, competes at a world level in full contact, competitive oragami, and is the proud father of a very handsome son named Sparsh.